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Box Making Classes     Box Making Classes
Chocolate Box Making Classes

Box making

Box are important in gifting as the gift is concealed until just the right moment it creates feeling of anticipation, turning into surprise and hopefully, delight when the gift is finally revealed.  A box with the lid is easy to open & the moment the lid is  removed to reveal the beautiful gift is really thrilling & inspiring. Our beautiful  100% practical course includes innovative and stunning ideas for making designer & traditional boxes which would really bit special for your near and dear.

Square Box, Square Box with Lid, Rectangular Box, Rectangular Box with Lid, Pyramid Shape Box, Pillow Box, Square Box (Hinded), Rectangular Box (Hinded), Box with Handle, Floral Tribute Syllabus:

Duration                          :     2 Days

Fee(with material)       :     Rs. 3,000/-

Box Making Classes
Chocolate Box Making Classes