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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q1. How is it possible to learn soap making thorough in one day?

Ans. CSDO all hobby and Professional courses are well planned and taught by experienced faculty through their vast experience & easy to understand step by step techniques. Moreover we make the concepts clear through theoretical part and then only practical work is started. The great support CSDO offers is the precious study material.


Q2. While learning these precious courses in 1 day program, it may be possible to forget some concepts or practical part, what should I do?

Ans. Very true. But here I would like to tell you that we believe in practical work &  students learn while doing. Concepts learnt while doing are long lasting. The bonus you get is FREE review class.  You contact our counselor for fee review & get review registration as per our schedule.


Q3. Will I be able to make readymade type soaps?

Ans. CSDO’s teaching, skill and guidance will result in ready to sell production. With the rich experience of 16 years we train our students as per the international standart & packaging.


Q4. How can I join you?

Just contact our counselor – A single phone call, for the details of the course or download the admission form and send us to get professional learning of your choice course & long lasting relation with CSDO.


Q5. How much and how I have to pay for joining a course?

Ans. You have to pay as per the courses you want to join-given in the fee schedule. All the fee charges should be deposited before joining the class. We have monthly schedule for all our soap and cosmetic courses.  Thus enroll accordingly. Remember we have limited seats for all the courses to give you individual attention & professional learning


Q6. What level of your support for one course do you provide?

Ans. All the course are well planned and taught by experienced faculty. CSDO believes in long lasting relation. Our relation continues as soon one fill up the admission form and continues for the life long. After the course, if student has any doubt, it can be removed by phone, e-mail or free review system.


Q7. Why CSDO’s courses have short duration?

Ans. CSDO’s all Soap and cosmetic courses are well organized with the printed study step by step techniques professional learning can be acquired in short duration. material. Mostly all the courses can be completed within 3-4 hours. Today the most precious is time. CSDO value your time and utilize each and every second of your learning session. Here the student come far away places –local, NCR from various states or abroad. With the well organized class, easy to understand lectures .