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Professional Gift Packing

Gift Packing (Professional)


Today packaging and presentation has become almost as important as the gift itself. A practical and creative Gift Packing course which can add a huge amount of Fun and Anticipation to giving & receiving Gifts.

  • Introduction about professional gift packing
  • Introduction about papers
  • Introduction about types of Ribbons
  • How to create your own wrapping paper with different effects
  • Different type of wrapping
  • Themes Based Wrapping
  • Ribbon Arrangement
  • Designer Bows
  • Envelope Making
  • Box Making
  • Paper Bag Making
  • Tags & Embellishments
  • Surprise Packing
  • Gift in a gift
  • It's a Cover Up
  • Corporate Gift Packaging

Duration                           :     5 Days

Fee(with material)        :    Rs. 12,000/-

Professional Gift Packing Classes
Professional Gift Packing in Delhi